Learn About the Gauthier Assurance Program

We protect every customer who finances or leases with us. If something unexpected happens to you, like experiencing a physical disability or a job loss, we can help. The Gauthier Assurance Program allows you to return your vehicle to the dealership and cancel up to $7,500 of your automotive debt.

Coverage no matter what your situation.

Everyone qualifies regardless of age, health condition, or employment record.

Protection for everyone.

You're covered for your first year whether your vehicle is new or used, leased or financed.

Protection and peace of mind.

The Gauthier Assurance Program protects your finances, credit rating, and your car.

Complimentary first year plus extended coverage.

Your first year is already covered - compliments of Jim Gauthier Chevrolet.

Gauthier Assurance Coverage and Benefit Options

Gauthier Assurance Coverage and Benefit Options

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